Monday, 18 March 2013

How to Install BlackBerry Application on a real device

Steps To Install BlackBerry App on real device:

>Install Latest BlackBerry Desktopmanager Software on your System
>To Test your BlackBerry Application on Real Device,you must have Signing keys
>Request for a Signing Keys by referring the URL Click Here 
>After Request Submitted you will be get a mail with three .CSI (RRT,RCR,RBB)files

Steps to Install .CSI Files:
>Connect your BlackBerry Device to the PC via USB Cable
>Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software
>In eclipse(BlackBerry java Plugin) right Click on your Project > BlackBerry > Signwith Signature Tool and then Install the 3 files one by one

After Signing got Completed

> Right Click on your Project > BlackBerry > Click Load Project on Device,This Step will install your Application on Real Device
Finally you can test your app on real device.

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